Kinglabel adheres to the business philosophy of putting people first and values employee development. In addition to continuously pursuing innovation and providing high-value services, it also values the sustainable development of the enterprise and society, and fulfills its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The global environmental pollution and ecological destruction are becoming increasingly serious, and major environmental issues such as ozone layer destruction, global climate change, and the loss of biodiversity pose a threat to the future survival and development of humanity. In order to better protect the environment, our company strictly implements and continuously improves our operations in accordance with standards in accordance with the development of international environmental protection. The adhesive products produced by our company meet the requirements of environmental protection products, comply with EU RoHS and EN71, have been certified and obtained a certificate of conformity by SGS company, and the entire production process meets the ISO14000 standard.

ROT waste gas treatment
Community Education Fund Donation
Sponsoring the Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Festival
Participated in the Xiaolan Charity Ten Thousand People Tour
Environmental Management System Certification
KingLabel Public Welfare Fund
Environmental Directives

Compliance to applicable Government Regulations on Environmental Matters;

Manage production efficiency and Develop green products;

Upgrade sustainability practices and wastage reduction;

Continue to educate all employees to instil social and environmental awareness.

Sustainability Initiatives

1.Provincial Awards in recognition of Clean Manufacturing Environment practices

2.Installation of RTO system resulting in reduction of toxic air (VOC) emission and energy consumption

3.Utilise natural gas to operate Ovens and RTO equipment leading to less pollution.

4.Installation of Inverter on Coating Machines to improve energy efficiency.

5.Install active carbon absorption equipment for Adhesive Mixing process.


To ensure thesetablishment of businessrelationshipsin which all market participants can leverage their strengths, the company must understand the needs of the stakeholders, and work in honesty, integrity and mutual respect and cooperation in good faith, including the company's customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties. and other important standards of business conduct requirements of the client, in all business interactions, company should follow the code of ethics:

1. integrity management

2. appropriate exchange of gifts and hospitality

3.Eliminate bribery and corruption

4. Respect intellectual property rights and protected information

5.Fair management, advertising, and competition

6. Accuracy of accounting, maintenance of financial records and disclosure

7. Information declaration or disclosure must be complete, fair, accurate, timely and clear

8. Identity protection

The Company provides a hotline and online reporting system to encourages employees and suppliers to report suspected ethical misconduct or concerns anonymously and confidentially, and to protect them from retaliation or other consequences.


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