The origin of thetrademark:

31 rays of light encircling the circular shape of the Sun. represent the unity and perseverance with the Red Color symbolizing the passion and dedication of the 31 pioneer employees that spearhead the establishment of KINGLABEL company.

The main trademarks used in daily are registered in catalgory  5,16 and 17 respectively.

Company Profile

Kinglabel founded in 1998 at Zhongshan Guangdong. Nowadays there're three production base, Zhongshan, Liyang and Thailand, and national wide sales locations providing prompt local services.

Providing high end materials

With the rapid development of communication technology and internet,3C products can be rapidly popularized. Based on the development of electronic materials for many years, advanced PET/TAC HC anti-scattering film. low flash point PET/TAC AG anti-scattering film, PET/TAC HC AR anti-scattering film, PET/TAC AG AR film, protective film, UV adhesion de-activated protective film and other products with excellent performance to meet the 3C electronic products applications.

In the automobile application, we have developed block-out pillar film. warning labels, tyre labels and other related products to meet the individual needs of customers.

In the field of electronics and electrical appliancesKinglabel develops halogen-free flame retardant products, cable labels, high temperature resistant polyamide(Pl), embossed adhesive series of products to meet the special requirement of application products with excellent performance.

In the daily chemical materials, Kinglabel provides PP,PE,PET and other high-quality self-adhesive label materials, independent R&D of unique environmental adhesive can meet the need of various end needs, to provide professional solutions for printer and end users. At the same time, also more material applications in the transportation, advertisement decoration logistics. medicine, clothing and other fields.


Research and development

Kinglabel emphasis to scientific research investment, establish a professional R&D team, shaped material and formula technology, basic research, analysis, technical R&D of core competence, with many years of R&D, manufacturing experience. advanced analysis equipment and set up the database can quickly obtain the reliable and efficient support, provide strong support for scientific research. Kinglabel constantly update and deepen the coating technology to manufacture assured high-quality products. Also to respond quickly to customer needs and develop required products in time.


Quality stability

Kinglabel has established a comprehensive and high standard testing laboratory to conduct series of tests on physical properties optical properties, flame retardant, anti-static, printability weathering and aging and other requirements. It has passed IS09001 and ISO14001 certifications, UL certifications and SGS environmental testing. With more stringent standards of our own to create a new industry quality standard.


Respect knowledge and focus on cultivation of talents contribute to environmental protection, hold the principles of "product diversification , demand individuation, high grade and excellent quality" quality policy, continuous improvement of quality system and environmental management system, leading and driving Kinglabel to a more brilliant future.

Kinglabel founded in 1998 at Zhongshan city, aimed at providing adhesive products and services to South-East China.
To provide instant products to clients at East China and Yangzi-river basin region, Kinglabel procured land and built its 2nd plant in. Liyang plant started production in 2008.
Kushan Branch Establish
Chongqing、Shanghai 、Dongguan、Xiamen、Yantai Branch Establish
Tianjin Branch Establish
Shenzhen Guangming Branch Establish
To improve overseas layout, sales and procurement, merge with of Kintac HK in 2016.
To expand overseas market and improve services to overseas clients, investment of 3rd plant at Ayutthaya Thailand in 2019.
Zhongshan automatic brand-new plant launched in June 2021.
Share restructuring, increase capital and company rename to expand application and market in 2021.
Kinglabel Vietnam establishment in 2022.
Kinglabel Thailand full operation in 2023.
Zhongshan Kinglabel New Materials Co., LTD. &South China University of Technology to build a low carbon label new materials joint laboratory.
Set up a business base in Bangkok, Thailand.
Set up a business base in Dongguan, China.

Deep ploughing does not compose the honours, carries the honours forward to start the new course

Every honour obtained is inseparable from the affirmation and recoanition of Kinglabel men’ efforts. Kinglabel will strive to be a century-old enterprise by insisting on technological innovation, excellent quality and customer satisfaction service.

Zhongshan city special new cultivation of enterprises
Joint Laboratory for New materials for Low carbon labels
Guangdong province engineering technical research centre
Zhongshan municipal enterprise technology centre
Zhongshan engineering technology research and development centre
Class A taxpayer
Top 500 manufacturers in Guangdong province
High-integrity enterprise Guangdong Province
Kinglabel public welfare fund
Best Green Corporation Media award
Outstanding enterprise award from adhesive film and tape industry
Potential developing enterprise of the year
Technology Innovation award from China label industry
Quality management system certification
Environmental management system certification
Guangdong special new cultivation of enterprises
Provincial cleaner production enterprises
production equipment
production equipment
production equipment
R&D Center
production equipment
production equipment
production equipment
production equipment
production equipment
production equipment
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UL94-VTM level vertical combustion test
Corporate Culture

To create first-class products,
provide first-class service,
cultivate first-class talent,
create a first-class enterprises.

Kinglabel will give full play to "variety, personalized, high-grade, excellent quality " advantage, and continuously improve the quality management system, in time for customers to provide satisfactory label trademark paper products and services ".

Our goal is to:
first-class quality, first-class service;
Our requirements:
first-class talents, first-class efficiency;
Our style:
be conscientious and do one's best, be strict in one's demands;
Our action:
cooperation, keep making progress;
for tomorrow, let us do our best.