Precision Coating Optical Film 
Core Technology Sputtering & Precision Processing

Integration of Precision coating, unique formulation,R2R lamination and sputtering as well as precision processing technology builds up the core competence for high value-added products such as battery separator of New Power, barrier film for QD or AMOLED, energy saving Display ,light control film for automobile, flexible display and 5G-related optical films.


Development Process

In order to actively cooperate with customers in product development and sample delivery, Kinglabel has standardized the product development process internally to ensure the stability of the developed products. For some of the major development cases of A-class customers, the R&D team provides professional services for customers, jointly carries out the scheme and product design, and strives to provide customers with samples to meet their needs at the first time with the help of existing instruments and equipment and the accumulation of technology.